Transactional legal services provided by Norman Roos LLP

Our transactional practice focuses on the entire spectrum of your business’s operations.


From production and development contracts to purchase or lease agreements. Contracts of various forms are the lifeblood of any stable, successful business. We draft and review complex agreemeents for clients across all industries to ensure the deal you expect is the deal you get. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We represent companies on either side of an acquisition as well as those involved in merging operations. From due diligence and valuation support to document drafting and closings, we represent clients in private business transfers both large and small.

Contract Administration

If your business involves managing and updating numerous contracts, clients, and partners, we can serve as outside contracts administrators for complex operations. Contact us to learn more about the advantage of using your law firm on hand to review, maintain, and enforce your agreements. 

Buy-Sell Agreements

What happens to your business if you or one of your partners is killed? What happens when a partner withdraws or becomes disabled? A buy-sell agreement answers those questions and provides a roadmap for what happens during difficult times for you, your partners, or your business. If you run a private company with more than one shareholder, your company should have a buy-sell agreement in place. 

Business Succession Planning

Do you intend for your family business to stay in the family? We work with estate planning attorneys and accountants to help put a plan in place to protect your business and ensure its survival in the most efficient and prosperous manner possible.